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Overview of Android

This is a basic overview of Android. But first what is Google Android? This is one question that most people that don’t know much about the telecommunication industry keep asking. It is good to know that it is not a mobile phone as most people imagine. So the next time you hear someone asking ‘What is Google Android?’, just tell them it is an operating software and system platform for mobile phone gadgets. This system was made available on most, if not all, top mobile phones released since 2009 after having been officially unveiled in November 2008. When we talk about a basic overview of Android one of the fist thing that comes in mind is that this fabulous device software is absolutely free of charge and it is based on the Linux operating system. Developers are able to create applications using programming languages.

Some of its special features include network capabilities, meaning that bit supports all available mobile phone network providers and also features Bluetooth connectivity. It also has diverse and unlimited applications. Being free software, anybody can create any application by making use of Java programming language and maybe share it out with other people. This feature is the main one and it is the selling point of this device.

Its messaging feature fully supports picture and text SMS’s, and offers enhanced utilization of Google Maps and GPS services. The software is flexible with cell phone display formats for as long as they have a color screen and the GPRS is enabled.

One of the reasons as to why Google Android is being adapted faster is because it does not limit itself to just a single smartphone gadget. In fact, it ships thirty-four diverse gadgets from twelve different manufacturers. Android is also a very open source and the volume of applications being invented for the Android is happening at a very fast rate. This open source approach has encouraged inclusiveness in as far as the software application is concerned. The open source has not been centralized giving users varied alternatives

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About Windows Mobile Apps

Something essential that you should know about windows mobile apps is that they are increasingly becoming popular especially during the current days. Many people love the mobile apps as they provide them with several benefits. The apps provide the perfect opportunity of getting a lot from your phone. When you download the titles in your phone, you will be amazed with the several things that the windows phone can do. In case, you cannot find exactly what you need, then you should click the buttons which are provided on the top bar. Thanks to Microsoft, there are now several windows mobile apps to choose from.

There are several applications that are being built for windows 7 phone. The windows mobile application has created more room for developers. Microsoft has shown that desktop windows version can run effectively in phones. It is expected that the mobile apps will run in a combination of hardware and software. There is stiff competition that is expected to be with the Microsoft and ipad apples devices.

An issue which is important about windows mobile apps is where you can obtain them from. The apps are located in windows marketplace. This is where you can browse or download apps even those which have been developed by third parties. You can browse the apps using different views. There are various titles and categories provided with have detailed reviews, images and ratings. There is a trial version that you can use before purchasing the app. You should take advantage of the version and determine if the app is a good one. There is a list that has various applications that you can choose from. There are many other developers who are developing the apps. The scene has been taken by storm by the windows mobile apps.  With these apps, you can never get bored with your phone.

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Adsense for Mobile – Using the Ad sense for mobile content

Ad sense for mobile content is an application that allows publishers to earn from their mobile websites by the use of targeted Google advertisements. Ad sense works by having the developer or webmaster inserting the ad sense JavaScript code into a mobile webpage, and every time the page is visited the java script code in line with the JSON fetches content in this case ads from the Google server. When the site record visitors the developers earn cash, since the developers own their pages they get to dictate which advertisements go to which page.

If one wants to enjoy the befits of the ad sense application one should first get to set up a mobile web page or site so as to place the ads on them. The traffic of the website needs to be increased to increase ones rate of earning. Once one knows how to set up a mobile website one then needs to know how to incorporate the ad sense for mobile content and applications. This can be easily done by visiting the application home page and going through the application instructions. Once one is able to install the application in their site then one can start earning as long as one accepts to follow the terms of use of the application, one then gets into contract with the application and ad placer and one will get some money every time a surfer comes across ones ads and likes it.

To make sure that the ad sense for mobile content application works for one needs to keep track of the progress of traffic on the website. One also needs to manage the website content and structure to increase and maintain the traffic, promotion then should follow up the managing process so as to get more people interested in the ads. One should also develop the site by checking for upgrades every now and then.

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adsense for mobile, mobile phone marketing, make mobile money, adam horwitz

Make money online via mobile marketing and Mobile Marketing Association

You can make money online via mobile marketing just as long as you apply the right marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing opportunities are many and if you learn the right online marketing skills, you can earn a lot of money. Using mobile marketing gives you several added advantages over marketers who use their PCS for affiliate marketing. Mobile marketing allows you to do work from anywhere. Unlike using for PC for online marketing, you always have your mobile in your hand so working is very effective.

Mobile marketing also allows you to reach many more people than when you using a PC. This is because there are so many people who own cell phones; actually, almost every home has at least one or two phones. However, not the same can be said about computers. You can send an SMS to a list of numbers to promote your goods and services. With facilities like MMS, you can upload videos and pictures as part of your advertisement. Remember, the more people you contact, the more your chances of successfully promoting your goods or services.

However, while trying to make money online via mobile marketing, avoid pestering your potential clients by sending those adverts repeatedly or calling them. Also, be very careful about your working hours. Don’t try to contact your clients very early in the morning or late at night. Repeatedly contacting your clients especially at odd hours make you a nuisance to them. This may prevent them from responding to your advertisement or buying any goods/services associate with you.

To successfully make money online via mobile marketing, you may consider becoming a member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA – association helps mobile marketers learn a lot about the industry. This includes the dos and the don’ts of mobile online marketing. Ensure that your phone is always on and in good working condition to avoid missing any opportunities.

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Using Ad sense for Mobile – ads by Google for Mobile application

Mobile phones are evolving day by day, they are not just a means to send short messages and voice calls. Today the phones have been classifieds smart phones due to their capabilities. The phone is the lightest and most used device when one is looking for information and thus the need to have the phone installed with applications that allow them to use the phone to access music downloads, make reservations and even check their finances by the touch of a button.

To reach the phone users the ad sense for mobile application was introduced. The introduction of this application allows developers to make money as they use their phones to display text and image ads. The type of phone that one has determines the application that one can see and use. The application is a great way to advertise in terms of business from large corporations or small ones. The only hindrance of using the application is the use of the adsense for mobile application.

To get the knowledge of how to use the application it is best that one visits the manufacturer’s website to learn the basics of how to work with the ad sense for mobile application. One should also follow the guidelines of ads by Google and terms of use of the application so as no to give the application developer a reason to raise an issue in its use. There is a need to keep checking the manufactures’ website to check for updates and news on the application. Keeping up with blogs of the application users is also another way to make sure that one makes the most out of the ads one places on their phone websites. One should earn for their efforts, track their progress, mange, promote and develop their use of the ad sense for mobile application.

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