Android Phone Apps that Promise Total Security

There are three main Android mobile apps that ensure that any valuable data stored in your phone is safe. You do not want people tampering or stealing your most important information from your phone. Most of the Android applications are user friendly, secure and easily accessible. With the development in the mobile industry, the applications have become more refined and you can choose an application depending on the kind of security and features you need on your phone.

Below are the three main Android mobile apps that will ensure the safety of your information on your mobile phone.

• Lookout Application: Loaded with firewall, intrusion prevention and antivirus capabilities. It helps in tracking down the phone in case it is stolen. It also provides for data backup so you can be sure to get all your personal data including emails, photos, texts and any other important information. Just by pressing a button, you are able to see where your phone is using the map on the device.

• WaveSecure: This feature helps you to lock your phone via web interface just in case it is stolen. It will also help you to set up an auto backup and you can delete all data from the phone via the same web interface and whoever is in possession of the phone cannot access the information.

• Protector: It allows you to have a password to protect all your phone applications making the data only available to you. You can create a password for your notepad, email, calendar and any other application you may have. This is great for people who need complete phone privacy. The only trick with Protector is that you must have a PIN code to undo this application.

Therefore, depending on what Android mobile apps you want for your phone, you can either go for applications that offer security or those that enhance the functionality of your mobile device.

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