Overview of Android

This is a basic overview of Android. But first what is Google Android? This is one question that most people that don’t know much about the telecommunication industry keep asking. It is good to know that it is not a mobile phone as most people imagine. So the next time you hear someone asking ‘What is Google Android?’, just tell them it is an operating software and system platform for mobile phone gadgets. This system was made available on most, if not all, top mobile phones released since 2009 after having been officially unveiled in November 2008. When we talk about a basic overview of Android one of the fist thing that comes in mind is that this fabulous device software is absolutely free of charge and it is based on the Linux operating system. Developers are able to create applications using programming languages.

Some of its special features include network capabilities, meaning that bit supports all available mobile phone network providers and also features Bluetooth connectivity. It also has diverse and unlimited applications. Being free software, anybody can create any application by making use of Java programming language and maybe share it out with other people. This feature is the main one and it is the selling point of this device.

Its messaging feature fully supports picture and text SMS’s, and offers enhanced utilization of Google Maps and GPS services. The software is flexible with cell phone display formats for as long as they have a color screen and the GPRS is enabled.

One of the reasons as to why Google Android is being adapted faster is because it does not limit itself to just a single smartphone gadget. In fact, it ships thirty-four diverse gadgets from twelve different manufacturers. Android is also a very open source and the volume of applications being invented for the Android is happening at a very fast rate. This open source approach has encouraged inclusiveness in as far as the software application is concerned. The open source has not been centralized giving users varied alternatives

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