Mobile advertising marketing for 2010

Mobile advertising marketing is one of the most successful online advertising strategies this year. it offers advertisers more attractive possibilities which until last year were not very much favored. Now with mobile advertising, using Microsoft, you can get robust solution for your business. This allows you to connect to millions of people all over the world on cell phone marketing online advertisement websites. it is a kind of search advertising that allows people to make decisions about their purchase quick and effective.

The growth of mobile advertising marketing was greatly enhanced when Google acquired AdMob last year. Since then mobile advertising  marketing has experienced tremendous growth. It is actually the only advertising type that is more personal and interactive. All you need is a mobile phone with internet connection. The good thing about mobile phones is that you can be reached no matter where you are, in what context and so on. 2010 is actually seen as the breakout of mobile advertising and many are already seeing this quite true.

Mobile advertising is very flexible. Businesses can decide to deliver their ads in form of messages such as SMS or MMS. They can also use banners, search ads, full screen adds on internet sites. Some even prefer using video and other applications. The good thing about it is that they are very cheap, yet the numbers reached are huge. When measuring success rates, the CTR- click through rate is used. CTR refers to the number of downloads that were caused by the advert.

Unlike most adverts, with mobile advertising, you are assured that if your ad is in SMS or MMS form, it will be read. To get an ad to the mobile phone, mobile ad networks, usually distribute the ads to mobile websites. The advertiser can target consumers using country and content channel. This is surely the best advertising channel with the advent of mobile phones.

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Ways to Make Money with Mobile Phones

The idea to make money with mobile handsets seemed like a dream barely a decade ago, but this is only because the basic cell phone would be for making calls and sending texts. However, with the upcoming end ever changing technology that has brought us mobile internet, smartphones, Android phones and the iPhone, this is now possible through a number of ways.

The first way you can make money with mobile is through affiliate marketing. You can advertise other companies relevant to your niche on your site and once these links lead visitors to the advertising sites, you will be paid. You need to have a mobile phone themed website or blog so that it can be easily accessed via mobile internet. In this way, people will be able to read articles, watch videos and click on ads, banners and links more easily.

Another way you make money with mobile is through creating applications and selling them to phone making companies like Apple, Nokia and any others that make high-end phones. Ensure that it is something unique, easy to use and also relevant for a long term.

There is the option to receive SMSs from marketing sites. When you have an account with them, you will be able to accumulate funds for each SMS you read. When it reaches the set minimum, it is paid out to you. Thorough research and trusting one’s instincts will allow you to make good money through cell phones. These 2 attributes will let you figure out real deals from scam schemes to avoid wasting your time and even money.

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